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Year 4 Discuss Brexit

Year 4 have been learning about the historical importance of today. They say….

“we should stay in the European Union because it will cost us a lot of money to travel now”

“It will change our lives after the 11 months transition.” “I feel we should stay because we will still be in Europe.”

We also had a minority who believe we should leave.

We have recorded this historic occasion in our memory books.

Year 4 Tuesday news 28/1/2020

Year 4 are now looking at adding two 4 digit numbers and remembering to transfer amounts over. They are having to remember to keep the place values in exactly the right column.

Today we looked at a times table website to help with their learning of tables. Please encourage your child to use these for no more than 20 mins at a time. Little and often will help with the learning and retention of the tables ready for the national test in a June and more importantly for life!

Have a look at these sites, the children have Rockstar logins.

It is spelling day tomorrow (Wednesday) I hope the children have been badgering you to help learn their words.

The children returned from swimming today full of what they had been doing, it’s great their water confidence is improving all the time.

Mrs B.





The Blue Cross

Today the children have had an excellent presentation from Erin of The Blue Cross. She came in to talk to the whole school about safety around dogs. This is very relevant to us all because of the extreme cases in the news where we hear of dogs being afraid and attacking people.

The children learnt about how to approach dogs, checking with the owner and the dog if it is ok to touch them . They recommend the three C’s approach.

Check: ask the owner if the dog is ok to touch.

Call: pat your knees to see if the dog will come over.

Count: pat or stroke three times and then stop to check the dog is happy.

The children will be bringing home a leaflet in the next day or two explaining all about dog safety, please ask them to talk with you about what they have learnt.

Holocaust Memorial Day

On Monday the KS2 children had a special assembly to understand Holocaust Memorial Day. They were amazing, they listened well and some children gave very thoughtful and factual contributions. We talked about the word DISCRIMINATION and how no one should ever experience this in their lives because of their race, religion or beliefs.

The whole school then made a flame, each child has contributed to this to remind us to remember the 6 million people who suffered in The Holocaust.


Panto time…. oh yes it was!

We were so lucky to secure the M&M theatre company to perform their pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk. We had a fabulous afternoon with all the children and staff joining in with all the traditions of a pantomime, cheering, clapping, booing the baddy. We are so grateful to our fabulous friends committee who funded this experience, we loved it and it brought a smile to everyone’s faces. Thank you!

Year 4 Tuesday news

Year 4 are currently looking at Quadrilateral shapes, they know they are 4 sided shapes and are learning all the different names associated with them. Ask them to name them, describe their properties and even have a go at drawing them.

Our early morning soft start work is centred around SPaG (Spelling, punctuation and grammar) The children have a sentence and need to identify things like main clauses, subordinate clauses, nouns, adjectives, conjunctions etc. They are becoming more confident with it. Well done Year 4!

Year 4

For this week Year 4 have PE on Wednesday. Please ensure they have proper PE kit for outdoors and a warm jumper.

Next week, starting on January 14th (Tuesday) the children will be swimming. They will need a swimming hat.

Thank you.

Mrs B.

Bedtime Story Cafe

We had a fantastic evening with many children in our first Bedtime Story Cafe. Everyone appeared in their pyjamas bringing with them a cuddly toy. Hot chocolates and biscuits were consumed mid way through.

It was lovely to see so many returning after school and enjoying this activity with their friends.

Thank you for allowing your children to attend and being so supportive of us.

Mrs B.