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Father Michael visits Year 4

Year 4 welcomed Father Michael Cartwright to the class on Thursday. They had prepared many interesting questions to ask him. The questions ranged from asking which was his favourite hymn, had he got a favourite bible story to his favourite ice-cream flavour.

We found out that Father Mike had previously been a headteacher in Northamptonshire before deciding to become a priest. He was ordained in Peterborough Cathedral 36 years ago, however he admitted that Norwich Cathedral was perhaps his favourite one. We learnt that his favourite hymn is Angel Voices Ever Singing and he really likes the carol, The Calypso Carol.

We really enjoyed seeing him, he loves working with children and talking with them. Father Mike is the priest at Stibbard church as well as Foulsham Church.

Year 4 news 13/2/20

Year 4 are being kept busy. Last week we mummified tomatoes…. did they tell you about this? We are now patiently waiting until after half term to see the results of our efforts.

This week we are focusing on class reading, the children are reading in pairs, looking for words they may not understand and encouraging each other to sound out words they find initially difficult to read.

For half term please encourage your child to keep learning their tables and improve their response time to the questions. There has been a lot of improvement in class sessions, however I’d really appreciate you also encouraging about 10-30mins a day using the websites I suggested.

The main part of the half term homework is to relax, have some chill out time and do something different, go exploring, try new things and be ready to talk about them when we return on the 24th February.

Mrs B