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Handwriting 1

Practise your weekly high frequency words.
Use the extra handwriting paper or create your own if you want to practise more.
– Not too big or not too small
– Tall letters l, t, h, b, d, k
– Lazy letters q, y, p, g, j
– Small letters a, c, e, i, m, n, o, r, s, u, v, w, x, z
– f is a special letter it is both tall and lazy

Handwriting 1



Remember to read, read, read!
Attached below you will find an Individual Reading Record and a range of questions to use when disusing books.
It would be great to hear which books you are all reading in the comments below.

Individual Reading Record:
Year 1 Individual Reading Record
Book Talk at Home: A variety of questions that you can ask children when you read with them at home.
Book talk at home

Project Work 1

Spring and Weather project
Please find attached a science booklet to encourage observations of seasonal changes as we move into spring. 
Please choose a plant or tree that specifically changes during this time of year. It could be a plant that can be seen from a window at home, that is growing in your garden, or you could even plant your own! 
If you cannot get outside, please use the following link to observe a daffodil, pausing it at the appropriate days
The vocabulary written in green might be new to your child, so it would be great if the meaning could be discussed.

Take Care
Mrs Powley

Diary of a Spring Plant

Useful Websites

Please find a list of useful websites to support your home learning. The children have used Phonics Bloom a lot within class and is a favourite of theirs. Also, during this period Phonics Play has given users free access to resources and games.
Mrs Powley

Useful Websites

Key Stage 2 School Closure and Coats!

We are in such a strange situation, something none of us have experienced in our many years of teaching. Between us we have ensured that our children in KS2 can access Google Classroom. We understand that some children do not have access to the internet at home, we are aiming to get work printed out in a pack for them over the next few days.

Please have a look at Google classroom with your children, we will be adding to this over the coming week.

Below are some websites for you to look at and possibly help your children through the next weeks. The second one leads you to 15 different sites which are free!


For all the children still in school tomorrow and Friday, please ensure they have a coat in school as rain is forecast and it is still cold.  We do tell the children to put their coats on, however some have started to appear in school without them. Thank you for your help and understanding with this.