All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Making banana pancakes with Monkey 🙉

One of the children told us their daddy had made them pancakes for breakfast, so together we decided to make banana pancakes for snack time. 

First we all washed our hands to make sure they were clean.

We talked about the ingredients and discussed where they came from. The children were very good at telling us eggs come from chickens, milk comes from cows and bananas come from trees.

Each child mashed up a banana before helping to put all the ingredients into a bowl. (Flour, eggs, milk and of course mashed banana.).

Jane supported the children as they dribbled their mixture into a small pan. We discussed why it is important to stay safe around the hot plate. The pan was then placed on to the hot plate by an adult, we waited and listened very carefully as the pancake sizzled, it smelt delicious.

When they had cooled down we all had yummy  pancakes for snack.

Next week’s request is chocolate chip cookies.