All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Year 1 Tuesday 2nd February

Happy Tuesday Year 1!
Today you have 4 challenges to complete. Please complete these and send me a picture via Seesaw.

Phonics – Challenge 1:

Exploring adjacent consonant and short vowel sounds!
Today you’re going to be focusing on consonants and vowel sounds.
Watch the video from Letters and Sounds.
Write three words from the video.
Come up with a sentence that includes one of those words.
Handwriting challenge: Complete a line of the letter ‘l,L’ both lowercase and Capital. Then think of two words with this letter at the start
Blending challenge: Phonics Play Complete a Phase 3 or 4 game!
Login: Jan 21
Password: home

English – Challenge 2:

Planning your own non chronological report – Title and pictures
To complete this task I want you to come up with an exciting title and create mini headings for your facts. This will help us to create our non chronological report later in the week.
Develop an exciting Title.
Create headings for your facts.

Maths – Challenge 3:

To compare numbers within 100 on a Place value chart
Todays challenge is to use a place value chart to complete maths challenges with numbers between 50 and 100.
Follow the Oak Academy video
Find the resources on the powerpoint.
Either use the worksheet or a physical object.
Spicy Challenge: To extend your learning find and play a maths game on TopMarks:

History – Challenge 4:

A timeline of your life!
To complete this challenge you will need to draw 5 different stages of your life from birth to now. You may need help from an adult to help you think back to a time in your early life. To help you start to think about this, you could think about when you took your first steps, when you started school, when you realised pizza was your favourite meal.

Childrens Mental Health Awareness Week – Tuesday Challenge
Draw a portrait of yourself and write down two sentences why you’re amazing – Look back to yesterday’s PSHE challenge.

I can’t wait to see all your wonderful work!

Mr Arter and the rest of the Year 1 team.

Daily reminders:
1. Please add the date to the top of your page when you start any work.
2. Please take pictures and post it on See Saw so I can see the wonderful work.
3. Please contact the school if you need any help.
4. Have Fun.