All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Year 1 Wednesday 13th January

Happy Wednesday Year 1!
You have four challenges to complete today – Please find the Powerpoint on our classes webpage or Seesaw to support you with your learning.

Phonics – Challenge 1:
Recapping some of our learnt sounds!
You will be doing some recapping of sounds today!
Watch the video.
Write down three different words which include the sound.
Write your own sentence using at least one word that includes the sound.
Spicy Challenge – Complete a blending game on Phonics Play.
Username – Jan21
Password – home

English – Challenge 2:
Exploring the story structure of a Traditional Tale
A Traditional tale has 5 different rules that it follows. 1. Introduction 2. Build up 3. Problem 4. Resolution and 5. Ending.
Your task is to film yourself explaining what happens throughout the story of Little Red Riding Hood and match it to the 5 different rules.

Maths – Challenge 3:
Write equations to show comparison (Part 1)
Today you will be using the work on difference to show comparison through equations.
Follow the Oak Academy video
Find the resources on the powerpoint.
Try your best to workout the answers.

Science – Challenge 4:
To classify different animals in the correct groups.
We can sort animals into different groups, watch the videos that will introduce these groups to you. Once you’re done, find the PowerPoint and complete the matching task.

Watch the video on animal classification.
Find the supporting material on the Powerpoint.
Match the animals to their correct classification.

I can’t wait to see all your wonderful work!

Mr Arter and the rest of the Year 1 team.

Daily reminders:
1. Please add the date to the top of your page when you start any work.
2. Please take pictures and post it on See Saw so I can see the wonderful work.
3. Please contact the school if you need any help.
4. Have Fun.