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Y6 Travel back to the Islamic Golden Age

This term Year 6 are travelling back in time to learn about the Islamic Golden Age. We have already located Baghdad on Google maps and learned that the River Tigris flows near to the city. We have discovered that it was built in a round shape with a Mosque at its centre and was a melting pot of ideas and knowledge due to its location on the major trade routes. We have begun reading The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad by Saviour Pirotta to immerse ourselves in the historic period. 

Jabir is the man of the house after his father’s death. His family are under threat of eviction if they fail to pay the rent. He goes to Baghdad to seek work. When a clockmaker discovers Jabir’s exquisite whittling skills, he hires Jabir to make twelve horsemen for Haran Al-Rashid, the caliph, to present to Charlamagne, Emperor in Europe. Will Jabir’s life change?