All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Reception – Future artists in the making!

Yesterday morning the children arrived with a flurry of excitement in readiness for our trip to Martin Kinnear’s Art School located at Tattersett Business Park. Upon arrival the children and adults were warmly met where refreshments of squash, crisps and an array of biscuits was kindly laid on for us. This caused huge delight amongst the children and we hadn’t even began our art journey yet!
While the children sat happily we met Martin along with his fantastic team at the Art School who made us feel so welcome throughout our visit.
Once biscuits and crisps were munched the children made their way into the huge art studio . The children gathered to sit round the art bench where we were all shown a short Clip about Vincent Van Gough . After this we met Bryony, a resident artist at the school, who told the children she wanted to be an artist at the tender age of just four. Instantly the children were engaged !
Bryony demonstrated to the children how to mix colours and how she could paint anything that popped into her imagination. In this instance it was a space planet and stars that she splattered all over the canvas. The children loved the way Bryony encouraged them to really let go and just have fun. This was Martin’s emphasis throughout the morning – art should be fun!
The children were then let lose to go and find their very own easel and blank canvas where they could choose their own colours in preparation to create their masterpieces.
The children began and were absolutely engrossed. It was lovely to watch them all . We saw many different painting techniques; splattering, sponging , letting paints drip! The children knew no boundaries !
When all masterpieces were complete and our artists were happy with their work, the children were treated to an exhibition of their artwork. Each child received a certificate for their art before the grand finale of watching Martin create his own version of Van  Gogh’s famous  sunflowers. Martin is obviously a talent and a pleasure to see him in action.
The children and staff had a thoroughly fantastic visit to the Art School and would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Martin and his fantastic team. The children have been inspired!