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Reception Make Sushi

This morning has been a very exciting morning in Reception class. Our topic this term has been ‘Japan,’ We have enjoyed a lovely visit from Toby’s parents , Maurice and Tomika , who very kindly came in to make sushi with the children.
Tomika and Maurice gave a demonstration to the whole class showing us how to make the sushi first of all. They used seaweed, which Maurice told the children was called ‘nori’ in Japanese. We next used specially made sticky sushi rice that had rice wine vinegar added to it . The children had to get messy here and use their fingers to spread out the sticky rice on to the nori. Lastly we added some cucumber strips. Maurice and Tomika explained to the children that you can use all sorts of different ingredients in sushi making ; fish, vegetables and eggs were just a few. The children then split into smaller groups to work with Toby’s parents making their very own sushi. The children were so engrossed when it came to rolling the sushi in the special rolling mat. All of the children liked touching the sticky rice which got absolutely everywhere! The finishing touch was cutting the sushi rolls with Tomika’s special Japanese knife which Maurice explained was extremely sharp to cut the sushi.
We have had a splendid morning with Tomika and Maurice. They have provided the children with a wonderful experience which we are very grateful to them both for. Parents and carers, if you are lucky enough , you may get to sample some of the sushi your child has made . We cannnot promise though as many children devoured theirs straight after making!