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Ryburgh emergency road closure

Dear Parents and Carers,

In addition to the scheduled road closure from the 13th of May we have now been informed that the Fakenham/Station Rd in Ryburgh will now be closed until 9th due to emergency building works.

Please be informed that the bus will only be picking up/dropping off at Highfield Close and the Memorial Hall.

Dress Down Day Friday 3rd May

Dear Parents and Carers,

The ‘Friends’ committee are holding a dress down day this Friday 3rd May in exchange for tombola prizes for the summer fair.

Many thanks

Momo Challenge Advice

Dear Parents/ Carers,

Over the past couple of days there has been quite a bit of concern raised by both adults and children about the ‘Momo Challenge’ which appears to have gone viral and caused quite a stir.

Having looked into it, it appears to be a hoax but the worry it has caused is nonetheless real.

Time has been spent in school to demystify the whole thing, explain what fake news and hoaxes are and what it means when something goes viral on the Internet.

Please follow the link to the BBC Newsround Report explaining how it is a hoax. It would be great if you watch this with your children (we advise KS2 children only) so that the same message is put across at home as well as at school.

This link will take you to the NSPCC Net Aware website which is designed specifically to support parents in understanding the many different social media networks out there and how your children might use them.

Thank you to parents who reported this to us so we could act upon it in a timely manner. It is so important that we work together to ensure the safety of our children, make them digitally literate, equip them to make the right choices when online and discern fact from fiction.

If you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher.

London trip ETA

We’ve just had a pit stop at Birchanger services. Coach 1 will be arriving around 9pm and coach 2 will be arrive 20 mins after as they have a drop of at North Elmham first.

Governor Monitoring: EYFS & KS1

Sue Graves (NE governor) and I had a fantastic morning at Stibbard. We were welcomed in to the first Collective Worship with Father Michael. The children enjoyed a story and joined in with the Lord’s prayer.

We started in Reception seeing their phonics session in action. They were working so hard and impressed us both with all the sounds they had already learned! We had a quick look at their fantastic Tapestry journals.

We went on to join Year 1 in English then Year 2 in Maths. Year 1 were re-telling a story using actions. We really enjoyed their performances. Year 2 were busy learning about money. When I asked a group of children if they thought this was a useful thing to learn, all said ‘yes’ except one who said it was fine he would just take all his money to the bank to be counted! They were having great fun handling the coins and notes.

Break time was full of fun and energy. We had some really good conversations with the children. It was lovely to see year group and gender mixing.

I then joined Nursery during song and story time. They all seemed to have settled back in to the new term. Excellent to see their Tapestry Journals that will travel through to Reception with them. Meanwhile Sue really enjoyed the talk from the visiting author, James Campbell. It was really inspirational and there was lots of laughter from both children and staff!

Thank you for a fantastic morning.

'Friends' Dress Down Friday 25th Jan

Do you have any gifts from Christmas which you don’t need?

Well it’s dress down day at school in exchange for a Bingo prize. Just bring along an item to school on Friday 25th January and we will collect them.

Thank you in advance from the Friends Committee