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In our Federation assembly this morning, Ms Jones talked about the season of Advent and its importance in the Christian church. 

In the classroom Year 4 have made their own Advent Wreath and talked  further about the significance of each candle.   Every child helped to prepare it. 

On the First Sunday (yesterday)  a purple candle is lit. This is the candle of Hope. Next Sunday, the second purple candle is lit, this the candle of preparation. On the third Sunday the pink candle is lit, this is the candle of joy. The fourth candle (purple) is lit the Sunday before Christmas, it is the candle of love. Finally, during the Christmas Eve midnight service the candle in the middle is lit, we call this the Christ candle. 

We will leave our wreath in our classroom window for you to see. 

Feeding the Birds!

Reception class have been discussing the different creatures that share our woodland area.  They understand that it is their habitat and that we are lucky to be able to use it.  To say thankyou to the birds we decided to make them a treat – especially as their food is starting to become hard to find. 

The children knew that birds like to eat worms and seeds.  We used the fire to help us to heat up solid lard.  We watched the solid turn into a liquid and then used this as glue to stick seeds to pine cones.  The children then hung these from the trees.

Year 4 Fiddlers

Year 4 had a great music lesson this afternoon. We reintroduced the violins to the children. They remembered so much and showed great rhythm and understanding. We are aiming to present a video performance for the Norfolk Music Festival in March. 

We are working safely with the violins, the class are the only ones using them, each has been allocated to a child. Well done Year 4! 

Collective Worship

Mrs Howarth, our RE lead teacher, led a fun and informative Enrichment/ Collective Worship to reinforce our Federation vision. She read the bible story of the two builders which Jesus told to teach the importance of building your life on his teachings. The children had to use spaghetti and marshmallows to build a structure. Some built on a cushion and others on the firmer surface of a table, this illustrated the importance of building on a firm foundation. The children listened attentively and thoroughly enjoyed the building. Thank you Mrs Howarth. 

Norfolk Music Hub Virtual Festive Choir

With everyone at home for the next few weeks we are delighted to announce the opportunity for families from Norfolk to join us for a virtual festive choir in the lead up to Christmas. This will be led by The Come & Sing Company.

You will need to scroll down to the relevant section on the website and there you can register your interest as a family. 

Year 2 Remembrance Day

This week, Year 2 did lots of learning about Remembrance day. We linked these to our school values of compassion and responsibility. We learnt about the story ‘The Little Ships’. We learnt about pastel techniques to create Poppy pictures and made a poppy display for when we did our two minute silence. We had some very deep thoughts and reflections during that time with some lovely imagery that the children then shared.