All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Y3 Forces Experiment

This term in Science, we are exploring different forces. Yesterday, we tested whether different surfaces will affect how far a toy car will travel. We made predictions, measured the distance the cars travelled in cm, created a results table and then wrote a conclusion. We discovered that the smoother the surface, the further the toy car will travel.

Collective Worship Easter Assemblies

This week we have been very lucky to watch two great Easter assemblies prepared for us to watch in the classrooms. Andy Jones from Raise Kids, a regular visitor in both schools and The Open the Book team made up of parishioners from The Heart of Norfolk churches. Everyone has really enjoyed watching them and learning about the true meaning of Easter. If you would like to watch them as a family please click on the links below. 

World Book Day in Nursery

We love a good story in the nursery. So, we invited the children to come in dressed as a character from a book. It was lovely to see who they had chosen. Throughout the day, we read their stories together and they sat with their friends sharing their own books.Well done to you all.

Getting rid of the Virus

At the lunch table one of our children was talking about the virus and how he could not go out and see his friends. He told us he had to wash his hands to wash the virus away. He then came up with the idea of washing the ground and the air, he said ‘If I get a pipe with water I will wash the virus away’. After lunch we set up the hose pipe for him to act out his idea.