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Lego Tokens

The EDP and its sister newspapers are publishing Lego Tokens in each issue. If you, friends or family read these papers, please cut out the Tokens and leave them in the collection box outside the school office. Alternatively, Tokens can be left at Ryburgh Village Shop or Guist Shop from where they will be collected.
We are very grateful to both community shops, Friends and Ryburgh Amenity Group for supporting and promoting our participation in this scheme.

Shoe boxes needed, please!

Year Six will be needing several shoe boxes for their Design Technology project this half term. If you have any shoe boxes that you no longer need, please send them into school. We would be very, very grateful.
We are also looking for scraps of fabric, odd ends of balls of wool, clean, empty yogurt pots and spare bubble wrap. These will all be needed for an exciting DT challenge project during our space-themed book week. If you have any of the above, please send them to Year Six.
With very many thanks,
Mrs Niven, Mrs Cockburn and the Year Six children!

Nursery & Childcare News

Next term is our ‘All Things Super’ theme.
We have planned lots of activities based around some super books such as ‘Supertato’ & ‘Danger Dec’ that will cover lots of the curriculum. Although the staff have a theme running through with planned adult initiated activities we also work on ‘in the moment planning’ too which follows & extends the children’s own interests following the curriculum & the children’s planned next steps.
Our Breakfast & Afterschool Children will also be in for a big surprise when they return on Monday! We were granted some funding from the Sarah Doubleday Foundation Trust which has enabled us to buy some new resources for the children of All Saints Primary who attend the Breakfast & Afterschool Club.
We have vacancies for our out of school services, so if you require safe, secure & welcoming childcare before or after school, please enquire at the children centre building, where our staff will help you.
See you all Monday! Enjoy the rest of half term.

Space paper!

If you have any unwanted space themed wrapping paper, pictures from the newspaper or from magazines that you could bring into School we would be most grateful. Pupils are having a space themed book week this year and we would like them to make various items as part of the week.

E-Safety with Gripping Yarns.

Years 4 to 6 had a great session with Simon from Gripping Yarns. He presented a one man show about someone who was affected by social media and the effects of these sites on his well being. We learnt the character was chatting to someone who was trying to get them to send videos and photographs. Fortunately his character saw sense and confided in a friend who encouraged him to tell his teacher and parent. As always with Gripping Yarns the story was presented in a sensitive way allowing the children to think carefully about what they considered to be safe and unsafe.
Please talk with your children and discuss about what they have learnt and understood.
Most social media accounts are only recommended for children aged 13 and above. The latest of these, Tik Tok is also for over 13s and then with parental guidance. It was worrying to see quite a few children admitting to having this, it was also worrying seeing how much the children knew about Fortnite and other such games. Please be extra vigilent with your childs use of phones, tablets, games and laptops. They are still young and under 13!
As a school we are committed to keeping your children safe and will be following up this mornings presentation in our classes.

London trip ETA

We’ve just had a pit stop at Birchanger services. Coach 1 will be arriving around 9pm and coach 2 will be arrive 20 mins after as they have a drop of at North Elmham first.

London Trip Tomorrow

Just a quick reminder that the year 5 and 6 children going to London tomorrow need to be at school for 6:15am.
There have been a few children off ill today. If your child is unable to join us tomorrow because of illness, please let us know by leaving a message on the school answer phone before 6:15.
With many thanks
Mrs Niven

Inspiring future book worms!

Opening up the world of books is a gift that will forever give back and there is something very special about sitting with a child and listening to them read. For those of us with older children it is a time that we can quickly forget.

The library is now run with a small team of volunteers, today we were lucky to have two of us, one to run the library and one to support individual reading with Year 1.

The moment a child finishes a book, a page or even just remembers a word is wonderful to be involved in. Supporting reading as a volunteer is a vital role, one that I know has a direct effect on children’s education. 

I look forward to spending more time both in the library and supporting reading – if you fancy joining our little team, even for just a couple of hours a week please come and say hi or contact the office.

Alison Woodward Mum, Volunteer, Governor Currently reading The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan