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Year 5/6 CB

Welcome to Mrs Budgett's Year 5/6 class page. We are mixed aged in a classroom where we can spread out and enjoy our learning space. We have a relaxing Calm Corner where we can read one of our many fabulous books, have time for Spirituality, say or write a prayer/ message to someone or just use a space for group work.

We are encouraged to set an example to our younger children by being helpful, kind and demonstrating our six school values at every opportunity.

For the Year 6 it is their final primary school year, we hope to make it a happy and memorable year for them where they can become confident, independent learners


Yr 5/6 CB Coffee Morning

March 27, 2024

As part of our flourish lessons thinking about our community year 5/6 CB decided to have a coffee morning for their families and friends they have worked with this term. It was lovely to welcome parents, grandparents, cousins, the Open the Book team and Mr Green, Fakenham Academy Headteacher to our morning. Everyone chatted and … Read more

World Book Day’s Dress Up A Potato

March 8, 2024

Today, Stibbard was overrun with some amazing adjective costumes to celebrate World Book Day. One of the activities on offer was to decorate a potato.  Year 2 and Year 5/6 CB worked together to create fun designs and did a fantastic job. We all had lots of book fun and learned lots of new adjectives.

Yr 5/6 and Yr 2 Potato Head Creations

March 7, 2024

This afternoon we joined Yr 5/6 CB and Yr 2 together to create potato heads. There was lots of imagination, paint, glue and sticks around the classroom. The children worked really well together. After we had finished we viewed the work created in Yr2.

Year 5/6 CB World Book Day

March 7, 2024

The children made a great effort at thinking about an adjective to describe who they were today. We had scary, special, black, snappy, lazy, sleepy, sporty, brave, camouflage, cosy and frightening.

Brave Colour

February 9, 2024

The children have really enjoyed this half terms art project called Brave Colour. They made mood boards using different fabrics and media before starting to create their shoe box art colour rooms. The finished results of the art project. It was lovely to hear the encouraging comments from everyone to each other about their colour … Read more

KS2 Dodgeball at UEA SportsPark

February 1, 2024

Children from both 5/6 classes attended the KS2 dodgeball competition at the UEA SportsPark. The children played incredibly well and showed excellent sportsmanship throughout the event. The children won several games and managed to finish 6th overall.

Y5/6 CB Spring ’24 Curriculum Letter

January 15, 2024

Year 5/6 CB Art

January 12, 2024

We are looking at a unit of Art called Brave Colour. Last week the class made amazing books to make notes in for their art in this unit. They were bold with their choices and enjoyed creating their sketchbooks. This week we focused on a London artist called Yinka Llori. He enjoys working with very … Read more

Open the Book

January 12, 2024

We welcomed Open the Book this week. They told the story about the people of Jerusalem returning to their home city, after being slaves, to help rebuild it. Nehemiah encouraged the people to persevere and keep going.

Year 5/6 CB Christmas Celebrations

December 18, 2023

On Friday we enjoyed making hats ready for our Christmas dinner. Everyone looked so colourful and sparkly in their Christmas jumpers, we had a great time!