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Year 5/6 CB

Welcome to Mrs Budgett's Year 5/6 class page. We are mixed aged in a classroom where we can spread out and enjoy our learning space. We have a relaxing Calm Corner where we can read one of our many fabulous books, have time for Spirituality, say or write a prayer/ message to someone or just use a space for group work.

We are encouraged to set an example to our younger children by being helpful, kind and demonstrating our six school values at every opportunity.

For the Year 6 it is their final primary school year, we hope to make it a happy and memorable year for them where they can become confident, independent learners


Kingswood Residential year 5/6 children

October 11, 2023

We have arrived and already completed our first activities. All the children are happy and a little wet due to the continuous rain! Despite the weather we have been very active outside. The children have enjoyed either experiencing the climbing wall, aero ball or taking part in problem solving activities. We had a lovely dinner … Read more

A Little Catch Up

September 28, 2023

Year 5/6 CB have really settled and found their feet this year. I am so pleased with their attitude to learning and how they are adjusting to being a mixed aged class.  They are showing Compassion towards one another and to those around the school. Today in our DT lesson where we are sewing (normally … Read more

Year 5/6 CB Autumn Curriculum Newsletter

September 13, 2023

Year 5 Science Visit to Fakenham High

July 17, 2023

Recently the Year 5s visited Fakenham High School to learn how to use a bunsen burner. They had a great time, making scientific observations as well as learn fire safety. (Noah – Y5 School Parliament)

Year 5 Art – Fashion Design

June 29, 2023

In Art we used plastic mannequins and then cut out different fabrics to design some clothes. Then using PVA glue we stuck the clothes on the mannequins and we added detail using string and strips. We were inspired by Alice Fox, a fashion designer from Norwich, who designed a line of clothing inspired by the … Read more

More Science challenges in Year Five!

June 19, 2023

This week our science challenge was to use everything we have learned this half term to help us separate a mixture of sand, salt, rice and paper clips. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds! The children worked in teams to plan and solve the problem. They had to use the scientific equipment and were … Read more

A challenging investigation in Year Five science

June 9, 2023

In our last science lesson, Year Five successfully separated a mixture of sand and water by sieving to separate the large pieces of sand and then using filter paper to separate the smaller pieces of sand from the water. This week, they were set the challenge of separating a mixture of salt and water. The … Read more

Y5 Curriculum Letter 6 Summer 2 2023

June 9, 2023

Year 5 Become Pilgrims

June 7, 2023

We loved having visitors from Norwich Cathedral in our school today to teach us about the Walsingham Way and what a pilgrim is. We experienced the sort of journey a pilgrim would go on and what they need. 

Year 5 London Trip

June 7, 2023

Year 5 visited the Houses of Parliament yesterday in a fun-filled day in the capital. After arriving in Greenwich Park we took in the breath-taking sights of London before seeing the Cutty Sark and catching the clipper boat along the River Thames. When we reached the Houses of Parliament we were fortunate to go inside … Read more