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Year 4 Tuesday news 28/1/2020

Year 4 are now looking at adding two 4 digit numbers and remembering to transfer amounts over. They are having to remember to keep the place values in exactly the right column.

Today we looked at a times table website to help with their learning of tables. Please encourage your child to use these for no more than 20 mins at a time. Little and often will help with the learning and retention of the tables ready for the national test in a June and more importantly for life!

Have a look at these sites, the children have Rockstar logins.

It is spelling day tomorrow (Wednesday) I hope the children have been badgering you to help learn their words.

The children returned from swimming today full of what they had been doing, it’s great their water confidence is improving all the time.

Mrs B.





Chinese New Year Themed Lunch

Please come and celebrate the Year of the Rat with our Chinese themed lunch on Thursday 23rd January 2020.The pasta and school packed lunch option will still be available on the day as normal. Medical diets will continue to follow their own menus. Please see below for the Chinese New Year Menu.

Chinese New Year Themed Lunch 2020

Make Music Day 21st June 2019

What a great day we have had listening to and performing music. Make Music Day has been happening in many places throughout the country, schools, museums, libraries, walled gardens…. you name it, it has probably happened there.
At All Saints we enjoyed an amazing and often very moving performance by the Big Heart and Soul choir based in Castle Acre. They rehearse once a week and enjoy singing unaccompanied songs from around the world. Today they performed 5 songs and even got the singing a The Herring Song from Lowestoft and a chorus from a Croatian Song.
This afternoon we were so lucky…. Ash, the drummer who plays on a The Voice, junior Voice, plus many gigs with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Britney Spears and Robbie Williams, to name but a few came in to talk to the children. He ended up accompanying some of our class performances too! We’ve had Music from every class plus individual violinists and pianists plus a trio of violins too. We ended up the day singing as a school When The Saints Go Marching in along with two other songs which can then be sung together, to top it all Ash accompanied us on his drums.
Music is so important to All Saints, why not talk to your children about your musical tastes now and when you were their age. They might laugh, but at least they are learning!

Choristers for the day.

One of the best parts of being a teacher is being able to offer children something exciting and different to do. When I received news from Norwich Cathedral that they were holding a Be A Chorister Day I mentioned it to the children in the choir. How fabulous that four of them plus Daisy decided to take up the opportunity and give up their Saturday to try something out of their normal comfort zone.

Below is an account of the day written by Alice and Meg ( thank you girls for sending it to me). As you can tell they had a great time. It was a privilege to sit in the congregation, with the supporting parents, for the Evensong service, seeing and hear the children sing with all their hearts alongside the boy and girl choristers from the cathedral was a very special and moving moment.

Norwich Cathedral Choristers Day 2019

On the Saturday 19th January a group of young singers took a day to find out what a day would be like as a chorister.

From All Saints, Stibbard James, Will, Alice,Megan and Daisy experienced this opportunity.

When we got there they had a speech about the school and followed on with drinks and biscuits. After that, we went in to a room where we did some vocal warm up. Moving on, we went to a rhythm session. We used percussion instruments and created several songs. That went by quite quickly and before we knew it it was lunch.

Lunch was a lovely buffet and we all enjoyed it.

For our afternoon lesson we got handed a leaflet and it had many songs on it as well as the service that happened at 3.30. We learnt it and went down to the Cathedral. At the end of the service we got given a goodie bag full of souvenirs. We enjoyed this day very much and would love to experience it again.