All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Build your house on the rock. Matthew: 7:24-7

The children were read the story behind the parable’ build your house on the rock. We talked about having strong foundations to help us through our lives, and likened the story to the importance of friendships and support of others and without that we my be a bit wobbly.
The children then explored the story in a practical way, to help them understand, one house was placed on a large stone and the other on sand, the practitioner invited the children to sprinkle water on each house encouraging them to talk about what was happening. We had comments from the children: ‘it’s melting’ ‘nothing’, ‘it still there’, ,the sand gone’.
In the afternoon the children created the houses outdoors, on a large scale using the loose parts, one in the gravel pit and the other in the sand pit. This time they used the hose pipe to see what would happen.