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Welcome to Reception

Welcome to reception class at Stibbard All Saints. I’m Mr Whitney and will be the class teacher, the other adult in our classroom will be Mrs Hobbs and we can’t wait to get to know your children and yourselves, and to help them become fantastic members of our school.

Learning new skills is important in reception, we do a lot of our learning through play. In reception children can follow their own interests and through ‘In The Moment’ planning, topics are catered to what the children like. Reception is a creative, fun and warm environment to explore and learn in. As well as learning new educational skills we work on becoming members of a new school community, form new friendships, be more independent, follow structure and routines and most importantly develop a love of learning!

Our aim is ‘to provide the very best for your child or children’. The children need and deserve the very best we can provide for them and in order for our children to flourish we aim to nourish, with a whole child focus within an inclusive environment.

Summer 2021 Homework Grid

Reception Summer 1 2021 Curriculum Map

Reception Summer Knowledge Growth Plan 2020-21

Reception Spring Knowledge Growth Plan 2020-21

Reception Knowledge Growth Plan- Autumn Term 2020-21

“Children will learn to do what children want to learn to do” Sugata Mitra.

Our Reception class offers a range of exciting, active and stimulating learning experiences for all children. Alongside these the children will be encouraged to choose where to go and what to do, they will be initiating their own learning and the adults will join them to support and progress their development in their chosen pursuits. To support genuine choice we have a ‘workshop’ set up, which means that in all areas, resources are available and accessible to the children at all times, but nothing is set out. Obviously children’s choices are limited by the areas and resources available, so it’s crucial we have appropriate areas with varied, high-quality, open-ended resources. We constantly reflect on the environment to identify which may need altering. For example, although we may have opportunities for mixing sand and water outside, we want the indoor sand to be dry to offer different opportunities. Therefore it’s necessary to keep the water tray and equipment away from the sand tray. We constantly assess and review our resources, making changes as necessary.

Some of the most popular areas in our classroom are the role-play areas, creative area, construction area, sand, water, play dough and small world equipment (including cars and dinosaurs). With regard to role-play, we ensure that there is always a ‘home corner’ (either indoors or outside) as this is what is familiar to the children- this is where they can practice being adults that they know (and in doing so, develop the vital life skill of empathy). Other role play is set up as and when an interest emerges.

Our intent at Stibbard is to develop life long lovers of reading. To aid in this we ensure that our book area is as warm, calm and as inviting as possible. We have a sofa, beanbags, cushions, teddies, puppets, props and a large selection of wonderful books to make the experience engaging. We also have books in numerous other areas of the classroom- craft books in the creative area, cookery books in the role play area, construction and reference books in the small world area.

Talking is one of the most important ways that your child will learn in our Reception class and every child is definitely given the opportunity to use their voice as much as possible!  Every child is given the opportunity to experience a rich language environment; to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves and to speak and listen in a range of situations. We encourage them to ask questions, give explanations, share ideas and opinions and use talk as a way to extend and show their understanding. We take time to listen to others and develop understanding that all our voices are of equal importance within our classroom!

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Yours sincerely,
Mr Whitney.