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All the staff at Stibbard nursery cared for my daughter incredibly well. They are all kind, trustworthy, caring, friendly and patient. I never had any trouble dropping my daughter off. She would always settle very quickly in their care. There is a wonderful outside space for them to enjoy and get lots of fresh air. My daughter always enjoyed her time there and would come home with lots to talk about from her day, she would even ask to go on her days off. I would highly recommend Stibbard nursery to anyone looking for child care for their children.

Many thanks 

All Saints Stibbard is a warm and loving nursery. The staff are all so kind and caring. Each day I can see how happy and relaxed the children are around them.

When I drop my little girl off, I feel they generally treat her and all the other children as if they are the most important. I trust this nursery implicitly.

My daughter started here just after lockdown, so she had been with me 24/7 for several months. I was very worried about leaving her as she hadn’t been with anyone else apart from her family. From the moment we stepped foot in the nursery the staff took all that worry away, and I knew she would be just fine with them. The staff go above and beyond to be flexible and to ensure the children’s needs are met. Management isn’t just based in the office, they are in the room, joining in and eating lunch with them, this also shows the dedication they have.

The nursery setting itself is a very calm and relaxed environment with a lovely exciting outside area. The nursery is situated next door to the school, and we love that they have such a close working relationship with them, especially reception. This really makes a difference when it comes to transition time to school. My daughter is already talking about going to school and loves the fact she can visit her brother’s school and play in the woodland area whilst being at nursery. I love to see not just the nursery children but the reception children waving, greeting and generally excited to see the staff through the gate when I drop off and pick up.

I can’t recommend this nursery enough.


If you are currently thinking of sending your child to a Nursery (quite a daunting decision for any parent), then we would really like to recommend Stibbard All Saints Nursery. Both of our children attended here recently and they absolutely loved it straight from the first day of attendance. Sue and her excellent team put every effort into ensuring the children have as much fun integrating with each other, as well as learning new skills as possible. We found that there is an extra emphasis put on the children spending time outside. Having outdoor, fresh-air fun, which our children absolutely loved. There is an excellent all-weather outdoor play area that includes a wooden pirate ship among other play obstacles, which all the children used extensively. Also, there is a mud kitchen, pedal cars, outdoor activities and multiple craft tables set up throughout the day by Sue and her enthusiastic team.

The children were really excited about going to nursery each day as there was always something new for them to play with and different to what we could set up at home. watching them all interact, laugh and say goodbye to each other at the end of the day was so rewarding, and chatting about their day on the way home in the car always made us feel an inclusive part of their day.

Thank you so much for everything that you taught our little treasures and the time that you all personally dedicated to all of the children in general.
You are all very much appreciated and We couldn’t have wished for better preparation for school life for our children.
Amazing work and thanks again,
Rebecca and Julian X


I couldn’t recommend Stibbard All Saints Nursery enough. I’m lucky enough both my sons have attended the setting and had fantastic experiences. The staff are all so friendly, knowledgeable and supportive.

I love the free flow play allowing children the choice to play indoors or outside as both my sons love to be outdoors whatever the weather!

The facilities are excellent, I particularly love Sue’s approach to Forrest school and helping the children understand mindfulness through yoga.

The options for breakfast and after school clubs were so important to enable me to return to work and I had peace of mind with the update of Tapestry that my son was having a great time!