All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Exploring Autumn Colours


This week the children have been exploring the colours of autumn. Together we have discussed some of the colours we have seen in the environment,  yellow, orange and reds. Some of the children associated these colours with the lovely things they have brought in to add to our autumn sensory tray.

They used different tools to experiment ways of using the paint, pippets to squirt and brushes to mix the paint.

The children watched with excitement as the paint ran down the paper creating new colours,purple and brown. 

We have also explored painting with different vegetables, sweetcorn, carrots and potatoes, so much fun!

The children then chose to have their own paper to splatter the paint on, an adult suggested folding their paper in half to see what might happen.

Here are some of the comments the children made about their pictures.

‘Look we made a butterfly’   

‘Colour monster is happy’

‘It’s a waterfall’