All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Mental Health Week 6-10th February

This week we introduced the children to the story ‘The invisible string’.

The story is about the unbreakable connection between loved ones. It gives children a great sense of peace and joy realizing that we are all connected to the ones that we love… (pets, friends, grandparents, cousins etc… and especially those that have passed on)…through the Invisible String. A string that can never be lost, cut, or torn. A string that can reach all the way to the moon or down to the ocean floor. A string that anger, time, or bad feelings can never make go away. No-one is too young or too old to remember that we are never, really all alone.

We made up a game called pass the string, asking the children to pass a ball of string to a person in the circle who was important to them. By the end of the game the children could see how we are all important to each other and connected by the ‘invisible’ string.