All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Pumpkin Fun

The children noticed a crack in one of the pumpkins and we discussed how we could open it up. They chose hammers to break it up, before scooping out the insides, the children collected some seeds ready to wash, dry and plant later!.  They found it most amusing when the seeds slipped out of their hands across the table. 

One of the children wanted to create a hedge hog and together we talked about what we might need. The children collected sticks and took turns hammering them into the pumpkin to create spikes. There was such deep concentration on their faces as they focused on the task.Problem solving and teamwork are important for our children to learn to help build their confidence in readiness to learn.They children have  been catching pumpkins with hoops working out which hoop fits where. They experimented with different ways of using the hoops, rolling or throwing, and cheered each other when a hoop landed on a pumpkin.

Great Teamwork.