All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Woodland Exploration

The children show lots of independence, resilience and collaboration exploring in the woods.

They worked together to create a den, using small sticks to make a fire to keep them warm. They collected different sized sticks and logs, learning about mathematical concepts in a practical way.. Big, small, heavy, light, few and many and how it affects their bodies. Counting, with an adult, how many puffs it took to blow the dandelion fairies away. 🧚

Some children chose to spend time mark making in the soil and bark rubbing on the trees and logs.

One child chose a sit spot, under a tree to spend time on her own with a feather she had found. 🌳

The children were curious about the beautiful fungi, together, with an adult, they used the I pad to identify the species and found it was safe, but the children understand they must not touch fungi, and tell an adult if they see any in the woods..

The outdoor environment is a wonderful way to support all children’s development in an holistic way.