All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Woodwork and learning to use tools safely

Woodwork allows children to experience risk in a controlled situation, providing opportunities for making judgements and learning to self-risk assess.

With adult support the children have experienced  working with their hands, constructing models, and working on their own projects. We discussed the use of each tool and how to use it safely.Woodwork is a powerful way of supporting their personal development, building their self-esteem, because the children feel empowered and valued by being trusted to work with real tools.

The children have followed their own interests, making what they want , and because of this they have been motivated to persevere, solve  problems and learn from their mistakes. Observing the children you can see them using their problem-solving skills, imagination, creative thinking, and  really flourish with the new challenge to get the result they want.

Just look at the pride in their faces.