All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Bob – The Man On the Moon

This week in class the children looked at a picture of Bob in his living room. They were asked to think about what they know about Bob? What they think his job is? And what they think his hobbies might be? We had a good look at the picture and used our skills of observation to look for clues. Then, working with our learning buddies, we used our question words to think of questions we could ask Bob. Mr Whitney scribed the children’s questions and we wrote a class letter to Bob asking him to write back with answers to our questions.

A few days later a envelope returned to school addressed to our class, cue a lot of excitement!  Inside was a letter from Bob explaining that he couldn’t answer all the questions in one letter but had sent us a book which would explain more. We then read the book as a class and used our listening skills to solve as many questions as we could before writing about our favourite parts. We will continue our learning using ‘Man on the Moon’ over the next few weeks.