All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery



We are learning about the importance of hygiene this week. We first looked at a story about a very active little girl called Janey. Janey needed our help to remind her when she should wash her hands. The children were encouraged to shout, “wash your hands Janey” whenever they thought it necessary. We learnt that we should wash our hands frequently but especially before we eat, drink, cook and after we’ve been to the toilet, played in the dirt outside and when we’ve been touching animals. We also discussed the need, due to COVID, that we should wash our hands on a regular basis regardless of whether we’ve been doing these activities or not.

We then did an experiment to highlight the importance of using soap when we wash. Firstly, one child had pretend germs put on their hands before shaking hands with their friends. We noted that we couldn’t actually see the germs but when Mr Whitney used his special UV torch we could. It turned out the germs had spread to all their friends! We then washed our hands in water and checked again….. we still had germs on our hands. We decided to use soapy water to wash after that. This did the job and got rid of all the germs when we had a look under the torch. 

We must remember that we can spread germs by touching people and things, and that the only way to get rid of all the germs is to use soap to wash. This will prevent us from becoming ill and making our friends ill too.