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Space Day

Today reception class have had a class trip to the International Space Station as a celebration of all our wonderful learning on this theme. We all made a lot of effort to make sure we were dressed for the occasion before blasting of with Tim Peake. Once we reached the ISS we were shown about by one of the commanding officers who explained where we were and what happened in that area of the station. We were fascinated by the space food, and fortunately Captain Whitney had packed some for us to try. We had space strawberries and bananas, and although most of us liked them we were definitely keener on the real thing! The other thing that really tickled us (and probably the astronaut’s too) is that the toilet is like a long vacuum that sucks all the wee away.

What a fantastic day we’ve had, I hope to see some of these buddy astronauts on the real thing one day 🤞

Over and out,

Captain Whitney and the All Saints Crew