All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Pirate day was a fantastic success and we had so much fun!

We enjoyed learning more about pirates and experiencing life aboard a pirate ship.  We started the day by singing a sea shanty to get us in the pirate mood.  We then acted out pirate duties such as being look out, sorting the ropes and moving heavy canon balls. In between duties we had to sleep in the smelly lower deck (under the tables) and gathered some fantastic language to use in our upcoming English writing. We also tried sea biscuits and decided that it would get rather boring eating them all day everyday. Miss Sutherland even zoomed us from her pirate ship and we told her all about our exciting adventure. 

This week we have started our pirate writing and I have been amazed by the rich language the class are using, I can’t wait to share the finished results!