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A Creative Morning in Year 3!

The year 3 Welly Day session was held in the hall today due to the soggy weather and the promise of pizza!

The children have been working hard all term planning and designing their ideal healthy pizza. In previous weeks they had learnt about the different food groups, practiced cutting skills and taste tested different options. Some of this had been cooked over the fire in our Welly Day area.

Today they were able to create and cook their designs. They were very impressed with their results, apparently even beating well known pizza brands!

Alongside this the children also put their art skills into practice. Over the term they have been investigating how to use different forms of charcoal, including graphite, compressed charcoal, willow charcoal from a shop and charcoal which they had created themselves over the fire. They have been looking at the work of Laura McKenney who is a gestural artist. This means that she uses her whole body when making large pieces of art. The children loved being given really large pieces of paper and drawing small objects really big!

Mrs Cairns was very impressed by their focus and final results.