All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


How to be a Pilgrim

Did you know that All Saints is situated on the Walsingham Way Pilgrimage route? It starts at Norwich Cathedral and ends in  Walsingham. 

Today Year 4 and the rest of KS 2, learnt about Pilgrims and why they would want to walk the route. They learnt about the cathedral and when it was built before learning about what a pilgrim would need to walk the route. A staff, a hat, a cloak, a bag, bowl, cup and a shell. 

Next, they followed a route around the school grounds where the followed signs (wearing hats and carrying a staff) that encouraged them to be silent, observe nature, to sing, walk and talk and carry a symbol to mark the end of their journey. 

Once at the end they exchanged their stones for either a scarf, ribbon or a candle to place under our school prayer tree, to end they reflected on their morning. 

Each child has a passport, they can take this to Norwich Cathedral to be stamped to say they have discovered the start of the Walsingham Way. 

Big thanks to Clare and Lindsey from the Cathedral education team for putting together a great experience.