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Last day fun for Year 4

This morning the Year 4 class finally had their reward they have been working towards all year, fun in Stibbard village green. They have been collecting batches of 10 mins by filling a marble jar. They decided at the start of the year to aim for a morning playing at the park. It was great fun. We had a picnic of snacks and drink and enjoyed lots of games together… badminton, football, tennis, cricket, hoopla, boules, twister, skipping, to name but a few.

We also saw Father Michael and some of the Open the Book team as they left the church from morning prayer. They were saying how much they have missed being in school with us all.

Finally as a class we are really sad to see Harry leave. Harry has been with us since reception and been a fantastic member of the class. We wish him well in the junior department of Norwich school.