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Year 4 Amaryllis

Back in October Mrs Budgett bought the Year 4 class an Amaryllis thinking it would be great to watch it grow together, measure it weekly and enjoy the progress it would make. How wrong could she be? It didn’t start to grow until the last week before we broke up for Christmas!! Now we had a dilemma… step forward our Miss Green Fingers,  who volunteered to take it home over the holiday time and nurture it. Miss GF found the perfect spot for it and started to enjoy the progress. She kept a record of it and regularly posted in our Google Classroom to show the growth. As you can see she cleverly used her pets to help give everyone a perspective about the rate of growth.

Next we found ourselves with home learning, Miss GF kindly held onto the Amaryllis and has continued to give everyone very regular updates. It is literally about to burst open with two back up buds ready to take over. We will share with you when it is fully in bloom.

Thank you for having such green fingers, being patient and being an excellent recorder of growth.