All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Year 4 at How Hill Day 1

We arrived safely at How Hill this morning and were soon making beds, sorting wellies and learning the rules for How Hill. 

The children have been amazing so far and in awe of this beautiful place, the building and the environment.

This afternoon we have been on a nature walk around the grounds looking at deer footprints and their poo! We discovered how deep the peat is, over 8 metres deep. After a drink and biscuit we went pond dipping in the dyke. The children were excellent at following the rules and enjoyed discovering pond creatures such as a scorpion beetle, mayfly nymphs, water boatman and water snails. 

The children are now happily settled learning to weave. The sun is shining so we will spend the evening outside exploring and becoming worn out ready to sleep (we hope!)