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Year 4 at How Hill Day 2

Sorry for the delay in posting photos, the Wi-Fi isn’t great and we couldn’t get to send photos for you all. 

This morning, Tuesday, the children strolled around the garden before having breakfast. They are really enjoying the beauty of where they are. 

One of our activities on Tuesday was a river trip along the River  Ant to Barton Broad. One group was lucky enough to see three kingfishers. We also spotted herons and marsh harriers. We saw the reeds being cut for the thatchers and spotted families of geese. 

We were able to go onboard a beautiful wherry and see how wealthy families enjoyed the Norfolk broads in the early years of the 20th century. It was a beautiful wooden boat just powered by the wind. 

Who knew what you might find in an owl pellet! We discovered so many different bones. 

We had a look around a very small house which belonged to a marsh man and his family. The stair case was small and steep, we discovered children slept top to tail, there was no electricity and the toilet was outside through the garden. We looked at kitchen equipment and tools that they would have used outside. 

The children really enjoyed learning to be a thatcher. The used the bundle of reeds to create a mini roof, they used traditional tools and then tested the effectiveness of their roof. All did really well and there were no drenched children after the test. 

We actually managed a group photo. They might look a little tired but they have all been amazing. No one has got up in the night, the staff have had undisturbed sleep (honest) and everyone has eaten well. The children have been complimented about their manners and how tidy their bedrooms are. 

We wish we could stay longer, however we will be back and will see you later on. 

Thank you for letting us give your children this experience, it is something they will remember for a long time.