All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


Year 4 at How Hill Day 3

Our final morning at How Hill saw the children playing a game which helped them understand food chains in the environment. In their bird families, initially two adult blackbirds and their baby, the adults had to visit a blackberry bush avoiding the hawks. They had to return to their other adult and baby with their blackbird. If they were caught the remaining blackbird had to fend for themselves risking leaving their baby in the nest all alone, another predator could then capture the baby. If caught the birds were sent to bird heaven! There were adjustments to each game to help the children understand the importance of the food chain and how easily it could change.

After a break we did environmental art. Each group had a frame to work in. We saw some amazing work, carefully planned and executed.

Thank you to the staff at How Hill for being so welcoming, patient and informative throughout our stay. Now to return to reality. Year 4, thank you, you have been great!