All Saints CEVA
Primary School & Nursery


 The First 2 weeks in Year 1

The children have really taken to Year 1, they have adapted so well to new routines and enjoyed spending time with old friends.  Miss Flower and Mrs Howe-Ward have been so impressed with the children’s attitude to their learning, they are eager to learn both during lessons but also when choosing their own activities. We have been making a slow transition from the freedom of Reception so the children have had lots of chance to explore their own interests including drawing, playing collaborative games, sharing books and lots more.  

In Maths we have been exploring how to sort groups in different ways, counting forwards and backwards, matching numerals and words and much much more.  In Science we have started our topic all about the human body and had great fun labelling each other’s body parts with post it notes. 

Year 1 have been trying their best to earn dojo’s, we can collect them for perseverance, hard work, compassion, being responsible or showing the correct learning behaviours.  We are VERY excited to see our monsters hatch!