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Class of 2024

It is always so sad to see our Year 6 children leave. We had our Leavers’ service yesterday where the children shared their memories of their time at All Saints. They were presented with their hoodies which the Friends kindly bought for each child. They also received a little worry worm from our Open the Book team which they can put in their blazer pocket ready for that first day at High School. 

We are so proud of this year group, they have coped with two lockdowns in different key stages, the class became half the size and they experienced a rocky few years with different adults in the class . They overcame so much and still managed to achieve SATs results beyond our initial expectations. 

We wish them well as they start the next stage of their education, they will be greatly missed.

Year 5/6 CB

Today we opened the time capsule the children made on their transition day, exactly a year ago today. They read their letters to themselves which we had put in the tin and giggled at the photo we took. We had to recreate it a whole year on. Who has changed the most? Who has grown the most? 

Y2 Trip To Cromer

We had a wonderful day in Cromer visiting Cromer Museum where we learned about seaside holidays in the past. The children enjoyed trying on outfits, meeting a Victorian lady and making poppies. After lunch, we went for a walk spotting human and physical features found at the seaside. We finished the trip by going to a playground and having an ice lolly. Thank you to the wonderful adults who joined us on our trip.

Year 2 Voting

After the results of the General Election, Y2 talked about how yesterday people aged 18 and over went to Polling Stations to vote and that the winning party was Labour. The children were able to tell me that Keir Starmer is our new Prime Minister. We had our own vote and had to choose between: 1) To live in a house made of chocolate or a house made of crisps. 2) To have extremely long arms or extremely long legs. The winning results were we would rather have a house made of chocolate and  extremely long arms. A big thank you to Mr Arter for building the Polling Station! 

Year 4 – Art Project

Year 4 have just finished their art project. We have studied birds and migration as well as looking at different nests and then making our own nests using a variety of materials.

Year 2 Pirates Day

The children had a great day learning about the lives of pirates. They measured the length of a Pirate Ship using metre sticks, carried out pirates’ jobs, such as climbing the rigging to be a look out, being the Captain, Quartermaster and many more. The class then acted out sleeping in small areas with their fellow pirates and imagined how smelly it would be. They tasted dry biscuits and learned about Scurvy, a horrible disease caused by a lack of fresh fruit and vitamins in the pirate’s diet. In the afternoon, the children tested their knowledge of directions, in particular the four compass points (North, East, South, West) and followed instructions to find treasure. Finally, they made their own parrots which were all unique and amazing.

Year 5 Bikeability

It is lovely to see so many year 5 children taking the opportunity to improve and refine their biking skills so that they can be safe and understand the dangers of cycling on the road.

On Friday the children undertook their first stage of training, they have to complete this before being allowed to progress further. Their next stage is over two weeks where they will be on the road learning about approaching junctions, coping with real traffic.

Food Tasting in Year 2

As part of our Design Technology unit this term, the children tried a wide range of healthy foods to allow them to begin to think about ingredients that they would like to use in their own healthy couscous salad. They evaluated the foods they tested according to their taste, texture or both and said which foods they liked or disliked. I was impressed by how many of the class asked for ‘seconds’ and that some children tried foods that they’d never eaten before. Well Done!

World War II Year 4

Year 4 have been learning about World War II and this week we thought about what it would be like to be evacuated as a child. Children had to leave the big cities for their safety and move to the country. They had to take a gas mask and a small suitcase.

Horstead Lost Property

We managed to match most missing items with their correct person! However, there were a few un-named items that we couldn’t find owners for. Take a look at the items below, and if you think they are yours, please let the Y3/ Y4 teachers know and we will return them to you.

There were also a small number of named items that have been left at school. We have returned these to the correct classroom and they will be waiting for you when you return after the half term break.

Have a good holiday.